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BMW E9x M3 (S65 Motor)
SAE (J1349)
Dyno Database Dispute
Dispute Record:  100630 Dyno Database Entries Affected:
Received: 2014-06-17, 17:42:00 Disputed By: Mike "Benvo" Benveniste
Responsed: 2014-06-24, 22:30:00 Dyno Database Response
Dispute Text Mr. Collins,

...[Excerpts unrelated to Dyno Database removed]...

Furthermore, come (sic) of the entries in your dyno database related to our customer cars are not correct. We've brought this to your attention in the past and you have showed no willingness to enter the correct data, yet you continue to try to externally link others to this incorrect information.

...[Excerpts unrelated to Dyno Database removed]...

Thank you.

CC: Jason Forum Administrator

Dyno Database Response Before receipt of this message, the only prior allegation he sought to address and change in the Dyno Database was Dyno Dabase ID00616 on September 6th, 2013.  That item was immediately addressed and responded to Mr. Benveniste in a public forum on September 12th, 2013 at m5board.com.  At the time this message was sent, the Dyno Database administrator had received no other allegations or investigation requests of factually incorrect entries from Mr. Benveniste or any agents of his company or any of his customers.  This appears to be one of Mr. Benveniste's attempts to create a false narrative that only he can explain the motivation.

Mr. Benveniste also used this correspondence to file a formal complaint with the forum administrator with an apparent purpose of having any references to his product lackluster performance removed from the public record.  The forum administrator is an uninvolved third party and has no frame of reference for any of Mr. Benveniste's allegations and no way to fact check his story.  The forum administrator did not know that Mr. Benveniste's complaint was misleading and factually incorrect (he lied).

The day following this message, Mr. Benveniste sent a six-point message  to the Dyno Database administrator alleging factual errors in the Dyno Database.  This letter came a day after the allegations above stating that he had already sent these complaints (or something like these) before, and he alleged these fictitious complains were ignored by the Dyno Database administrator.

It is the belief of the Dyno Database administrator, that Mr. Benveniste brought this allegation up to an uninvolved third party for the purpose to mislead, request punitive action, and have factually accurate, scientifically accurate, but unflattering tests of his products removed from the public record.  It is further believed that Mr. Benveniste did not submit a multi-faceted complaint prior to making these comments, but did send one a day later in an attempt to write his own narrative and provide a false cover story.  The dates and timestamps of Mr. Benveniste's correspondence very clearly tell a different story than the one he writes.


Received: 2014-06-18, 01:18:00 Disputed By: Mike "Benvo" Benveniste
Responsed: 2014-06-23, 21:00:00 Dyno Database Response
Dispute Text 2. Your second entry, http://www.s65dynos.com/showDyno.php?recID=630&vType=1&dynoID=2
-Nothing I can say about this, I don't know what modifications he had at the time, nor was I present for this dyno.
-It looks like this was the dyno you've psoted (sic) about, and I will contact them to clarify the modifications that were present on the vehicle at the time. According to the dyno run file itself downloaded from your site, it states that the vehicle had Test Pipes, BPM Tune (does not specify which one), Megan Axleback, and Green Filter. "Both Cat Delete" may refer to deleting both of the primary cats, or it may refer to removing the primary and secondary cats. It's conflicting and ambiguous, I can not comment since I was not present.
Dyno Database Response This was point-2 of a six point message alleging factual errors to the Dyno Database administrator.

The Dyno Database does not understand why Mr. Benveniste is filing a complaint of factual errors only to say he has no factual errors to report.  The Dyno Database takes a dim view of alleging factual errors and providing no evidence before ultimately admitting that no such evidence or even an allegation of errors exists.

Received: 2014-06-18, 01:18:00 Disputed By: Mike "Benvo" Benveniste
Responsed: 2014-06-24, 22:30:00 Dyno Database Response
Dispute Text 5. http://www.s65dynos.com/showDyno.php?recID=631&vType=1&dynoID=2
-Seems to be another duplication entry of #2, except with STD rather than SAE correction. Is this standard procedure?
Dyno Database Response This was point-5 of a six point message alleging factual errors to the Dyno Database administrator.

Yes, this is STD instead of SAE. Yes this is standard procedure in the Dyno Database. When Dyno files are available and the Dyno Database administrator is doing the work, you will usually see three entries for each: SAE, STD, and Uncorrected.

The Dyno Database is again perplexed by Mr. Benveniste's use of allegations of factual errors when no such factual errors or any evidence of factual errors or even an allegation of any factual errors exist.

Configuration / Modifications:
  • AA Green Filter
  • Both CAT Delete
  • Turner Test/Cross Pipe
  • Megan Axle Back Exhaust
  • BPM Stage-2 Tune
  • 91 Octane (US), 95 Octane (RON)
  • Dual Clutch Transmission
  • The vendor/user has disputed the validity or accuracy of this Dyno Database entry.
Measured Results:
  • Torque
  • Horsepower
266 FT/LBS
357 HP
@ 3720 RPM
@ 8230 RPM
(360.6 NM)
(362.0 PS)
(36.78 KGM)
(266.2 KW)
Dyno Graphs:
Alternate Images:
Engine Vitals Combined
Other images:

Car and Modifications:

  • 2008 BMW M3
  • Turner Test Pipe
  • Full CATLESS
  • Megan Axle-Back Exhaust
  • Green Filter
  • BPM Tune
  • 91 Octane
  • DCT

Conditions (Dynojet Weather Station):

  • Temperature:: 76.33 degrees F
  • Atmospheric pressure: 30.06 inHg
  • Humidity: 7%
  • Density Altitude:  1296 Ft.
  • SAE Correction: 0.969
  • STD Correction:  0.997
  • Uncorrected: 1.000


  • SAE Corrected: 357whp @ 8230 RPM, 266wtq @ 3720 RPM
  • STD Corrected: 367whp, 273wtq
  • Uncorrected: 368whp, 274wtq

Dyno Database:

Individual Dyno Results:

Individual dyno results are shown below.  The legend below has the following meaning:

  • Dyno Run:  Dyno run file
  • Timestamp
  • Temp(F) = Temperature (Farenheit)
  • RelH = Relative Humidity
  • Pressure(Hg) = Barometric Pressure
  • DA(ft) = Density Altitude
  • IAT(F) = Intake Air Temperature (Farenheit)
  • WHP(unc) = Uncorrected wheel horsepower
  • WTQ(unc) = Uncorrected wheel torque
  • WHP(SAEd) = Dynojet SAE corrected wheel horsepower (SAE-1349)
  • WTQ(SAEd) = Dynojet corrected wheel torque (SAE-1349)
Dyno Run Timestamp Temp(F) RelH Press(Hg) DA(ft) IAT(F) WHP(unc) WTQ(unc) WHP(SAEd) WTQ(SAEd)
Run_001 10:15:04 75.49 7.00 30.07 1231 82 362.4 270.2 350.9 261.5
Run_002 10:19:54 76.33 7.00 30.06 1296 82 368.0 274.2 356.8 265.8
Run_003 10:26:28 77.20 6.00 30.07 1336 82 367.5 276.4 356.3 268.0

* Entry used for the Dyno Database