Dyno Results Vishnu Tuning Step-by-Step DYNO results (Procede+PWM Meth+Cat Deletes)
Vital Statistics
  • Vehicle / Motor
  • Dyno Type
  • Dyno Correction
BMW E9x M3 (S65 Motor)
Configuration / Modifications:
  • Vanguard TI CAT-Back Exhaust
  • 91 Octane (US), 95 Octane (RON)
  • 6-Speed Manual Transmission
Measured Results:
  • Torque
  • Horsepower
246 FT/LBS
346 HP
@ 4000 RPM
@ 8000 RPM
(333.5 NM)
(350.8 PS)
(34.01 KGM)
(258.0 KW)
Dyno Graphs:

Test car is an early production 2008 E92 6MT with 60k miles on the clock. The only mod prior to testing is a Vanguard muffler section and big wheels (19" Linea Corsa rims with 295mm wide tires). All runs tested in 4th gear on a 3rd party Dynojet (DNR Racing in Hayward CA) in Power/M mode. Numbers are actual/uncorrected values (CR=1.00). Ambient temps for both dyno sessions were 75-86 deg F) with 34-45% Humidity. Fuel used was 91oct Unocal/76 which is the best quality fuel we can find at the pump here in CA.