Dyno Results ESS M3 Supercharger Update
Vital Statistics
  • Vehicle / Motor
  • Dyno Type
  • Dyno Correction
  • Boost Log
BMW E9x M3 (S65 Motor)
SAE (J1349)
Boost pressure (4.50 PSI) is not verified. Boost log not available.
Dyno Database Dispute
Dispute Record:  100185 Dyno Database Entries Affected:
Date Received: 2010-05-16 22:49:42 Disputed By:  The Dyno Database
Dispute Text Dyno Database has seen this baseline dyno a few times.  Does not appear to be from this vehicle.
Vendor Response Baseline graph is provided for reference only. The baseline graph is not from the same vehicle.
Configuration / Modifications:
  • ESS Supercharger VT1-535 @ 4.50 PSI Boost
  • 91 Octane (US), 95 Octane (RON)
  • Dual Clutch Transmission
  • The Dyno Database has raised questions or concerns about the accuracy of this entry.
Measured Results:
  • Torque
  • Horsepower
308 FT/LBS
459 HP
@ 7500 RPM
@ 8200 RPM
(417.6 NM)
(465.4 PS)
(42.58 KGM)
(342.3 KW)
Dyno Graphs: